Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Becky and sweaters...

I love making sweaters for Becky. She's such a nifty kid and she appreciates them SO much. Here's an example, last year, I made her a sweater that she fell in love with. It had nifty heart buttons on it that her Aunt Kate picked out and they were the first buttons Bec could do by herself. Well, because Becky is growing like a weed, the sweater was starting to get a bit short on her, so her mom asked if I could make it longer. Heh, piece of cake.

It took me about a week or so from the time I got the sweater to add the decorative bottom, extending it, wash it and then get it back to her. I cheated and got it to her grandmother who I knew would be seeing her before I did. Know what the little cutie did when she got the sweater back? She HUGGED it and exclaimed "My sweater came home!" Not only that, it now fits her perfectly lengthwise and she insisted on wearing it to the first day of school today.

And that is why I love making sweaters for Becky.

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