Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Digging out projects

Well, one good thing about joining Ravelry is that it's getting me to dig through the piles of "stuff" (also known as "unfinished objects") and start categorizing them. I have this huge black tote bag I carry with me on a daily basis that has my current on-hook projects in it. It's stuffed to the gills right now and honestly, I'd like to get back to the smaller project bag which is really a Pirates of the Caribbean purse from the Disney store.

In going through the bag, I've discovered the following:

Two yellow lap robes, one of which is going to get frogged, the other is going to be finished for Minx's mom. I either have to finish it before I leave or make sure to take the yarn with me. The preference is to finish it so I only have to transport the lap robe itself.

The other one is for Becky, for her twin sized bed. However, when I originally started it, it was going to be Mary's laprobe. I didn't like how it was working up for that particular project so I got different yarn which is working out much better. I definitely want to use the original yarn for Becky (since she's who I had in mind when I bought it) but the lap robe width is too narrow for a twin bed. Needless to say, it's frogging time and then do the blanket for her to proper measurements.

Also shoved into the bag are four partial baby sweaters. I stopped working on the ones for Sydney and Danny in order to whip up the easy yellow one for Becky. That's partially because I know I'm going to be seeing her grandparents tomorrow and I can leave the finished project with them. I love the yarn for Danny's, but the pattern is starting to irk me so it's possible that it's going to get frogged and be redone using the Sweet Sweater template. Yes, I am addicted to that, thank you. But if it didn't work, I wouldn't keep making sweaters that way. Besides, he's growing at such a rate that the current size on the hook isn't going to be wearable for very long.

Sydney's little sweater is down to the point of my needing to finish a sleeve and a half, sew it all together (my least favorite part) and put the trim on. The pattern for the tapering of the sleeves was driving me batty, so I'm just doing them as plain, straight rectangular sleeves that follow the stitch pattern of the body. When I follow directions and end up frogging the results multiple times, it's time to try something different.

I need to pick up a button tonight for Beck's sweater so I can finish it. I'd really hoped the cute Debbie Mumm buttons would work, but it just looked lopsided no matter how I did it and two of the big honkin things worked out to pure overkill. So, I'll find a cute little sunny button and go from there. Maybe I'll zip up to JoAnn's and get a sunflower or black eyed Susan button since those are two of her grandmother's favorite flowers. Oooo, a pretty hook and eye set could work out nicely too. We'll have to see what I find when I get out there.

The last sweater in the bag is technically unclaimed. I'd started it for one baby but it'll probably go to a different one now. I have to frog part of it because once again, following directions got me a very strange looking sleeve area. Directions are problematical for me on occasion, especially if they're not extremely clear, which is why I usually make it up as I go along. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't.

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