Sunday, October 19, 2008

Knit one, save one

I have a confession to make. I'm addicted to crocheting baby hats.

They're small, they crochet up quick (I made three tonight while watching TV and talking to my acquired sister), I have an excuse to buy pretty, soft yarn and most importantly of all, they're useful. Every mommy I know wants at least one if not several of them for the kidlet(s). The acquired neiceling's mother has always been more than happy to take as many as I'm willing to make because neiceling and now her baby brother love wearing them. Neiceling used to wear hers to bed at night which made her mother happy because she knew kiddo slept warmer that way.

This brings me to tonight. First, a quick trip on the wayback machine. A couple years ago in one of their early editions that I picked up after the fact, my all time favorite crafting magazine, Crochet Today, had done a blurb on a charity effort called "Knit one, Save one" which partners with "Save the Children", an initiative to provide education on basic parenting skills to mothers in third world countries. They also provide kits that include baby hats. In order to come up with those hats, they've put a call out to crafters to make and donate them. Going from the name, I'd say they focused on knitters originally, but recently have seen the light and included crocheters as well.

With something akin to fortuitous timing, they've once again put out the call for hats and I've been trying, heavy emphasis on the word try, to de-stash a bit. Considering I have an entire corner of a storage unit filled with bins that are filled with yarn, it's not a bad idea. When the bin tower is over your head, or would be if you stacked them all properly, then it is well past being simply a good idea and quickly approaching a moral imperitive.

Mind you, I still want to do the scarves for the special olympics, that involves buying more yarn which does NOT help the de-stash process and the deadline for mailing the KOSO hats is before the SO scarves deadline. I also have a list of Christmas projects as long as my arm so this is going to be a delicate juggling act. Can I do it? Only time will tell.

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