Friday, October 24, 2008

Taking a chance

I did a "scary" thing today. I applied for a job that is dependant on my writing and organizational skills.

First let me say, I love crochet sites that have oodles of information and patterns on them. To me they're the "one stop shop" of the crafting world.'s crochet site has just that. I've been using that site on and off (generally at least once or twice a month if not more) since the days when it was "the mining company"... I think that url was or I just know they've always been one of the main resources in my crafting life.

So today when I went there to glance at a granny square pattern as a refresh for a project I'm working on, I saw something surprising. The guide evidently resigned and they're looking for a new one. I read through the qualifications and have to admit, I'm under qualified in some ways. I've never been published, I've only taught a handful of people on a one to one basis, I've never done anything quite like the guide job before. However, there's a couple places where (not to brag) my qualifications soar. I've been crocheting most of my life and that now equals a respectable 33 years of crocheting. I've also gotten very good at being able to look at a pattern and "translate" it into a different size.

There's a crafter who designed these wonderful double-thick reversible winter hats. However, her pattern is only sized for adults. 99% of what I make anymore is made for children, so an adult sized hat wasn't going to work. By doing a bit of math and finessing with hook sizes, I was able to come up with a toddler sized version of her pattern. The kids who've gotten the hats love them, as do their parents.

So, now it's a matter of waiting to see what the powers that be at are going to say about all this. If I'm lucky, they'll give me a chance. If not? Well, what's the the worst they can say that I don't already realize?

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